2010-2020 Storage Decade

Jan 13, 2021 | StorCentric

Mihir Shah, CEO

Organizations Will Continue to Rapidly Apply AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Business Processes to Where Data is Critical
Rapid adoption of AI technologies while replacing manual processes to maximize operational efficiencies lies in extracting insights from large data sets. Dynamic process implementation for data security, data access, and data management based on business data will become the norm. Encryption, data protection, remote access, role-based access profiles, data movement, etc. will all be implemented as dynamic responses to on-going business operations based on deep data insights.

Ransomware Breaches Will Continue to Highlight Cybersecurity Failures
Ransomware will continue to motivate bad actors, exacerbated by recent high-profile attacks. Consequently, organizations will have to analyze their basic security controls with  unbreakable backup solutions to ensure the ability to recover and maintain uninterrupted operations.

The Emergence of Remote Workforce Trends has Created New Challenges
Covid-19 forced organizations to quicky shift to remote work environments, and this shift will result in long-term remote and hybrid workforces in the upcoming years. However, this trend presents new challenges with the need to quickly and securely access data via cloud applications. Cloud data management has become, and will continue to be a central IT concern in order to mitigate security breaches and data leakage. Organizations will need the ability to seamlessly move data to eliminate silos and improve employee productivity, while simultaneously protecting data.