25 Data Protection Predictions from 14 Experts for 2022

Dec 7, 2021 | Retrospect, StorCentric

Surya Varanasi, CTO at StorCentric

“In 2022, in addition to employees, data will remain the most valuable asset of any commercial business, nonprofit or government agency. What will be new however in 2022, is that what we thought to be a temporary situation – that is the work, learn and shop from anywhere model, will become the globally accepted paradigm placing an increased focus and level of complexity on backing-up, securing and protecting data.

My next prediction is that ransomware and other malware attacks will continue to increase in severity and sophistication, which will drive the need to likewise increase the ferocity and innovation of our backup and DR solutions. It will become a virtual life or death (unless you are a medical organization, in which case it’s no longer ‘virtual’) situation requiring an Unbreakable Backup solution capable of creating an immutable copy of data that cannot be changed, encrypted or deleted. By doing this, users can be assured that their recovery of unaltered files will be fast and easy, so there’s no operations disruption nor any need to pay even one cent of ransom.”

JG Heithcock, General Manager at Retrospect, a StorCentric Company

“In 2022, many BUDR professionals will finally find themselves recovering from the virtual overnight shift they had to make at the start of the pandemic to support remote work and to protect their organizations from the exponential rise in cybercrime that continued into 2021, which included an onslaught of phishing, ransomware, false domain names, and other malware attacks.

Unfortunately, in 2022 cybercrime will continue its exponential rise due in large part to cryptocurrency’s ability to protect the anonymity of extortionists, ransomware as a service options, and a rise in unemployment from ‘The Great Resignation’ trend.

In 2022, the savviest BUDR professionals will already know what’s coming and will have set strategies and technologies in place to protect their organizations, employees, and customers. These strategies will start with a robust employee training program in cybercrime avoidance. The strategies will continue with a backup solution that supports data immutability – i.e., an inability for cybercriminals to delete, encrypt or lock data for a defined time period. And last but not least, the savviest BUDR professionals will have set a 3-2-1 backup plan that includes having at least three copies of data stored across multiple locations: the original, a first backup stored locally, and a second backup located offsite, preferably in an immutable format and/or at an air-gapped location.”