CEO Outlook 2021 Details – Mihir Shah StorCentric, parent company of Drobo, Nexsan, Retrospect, Vexata, and Violin Systems

Feb 18, 2021 | StorCentric

Mihir Shah StorCentric, parent company of Drobo, Nexsan, Retrospect, Vexata, and Violin Systems

What’s the biggest market opportunity you and your channel partners will tackle together in 2021?
The biggest market opportunity in 2021 for StorCentric and our channel partners will be to help our end clients to build enterprise resilience for the future. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that it is critical that we be prepared for the unknown. This means that every enterprise IT environment must be architected in such a way that it not only ensures optimum data management, performance, protection, and security to meet today’s IT, business and budgetary requirements, but also enables the necessary flexibility and agility to change as the unpredictable future demands. The next biggest market opportunity will be to provide solutions that enable our end clients to optimally manage, protect and secure data based on its value, and in doing so, more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively deliver against business objectives, as well as create and maintain competitive advantage.
How are you changing your channel and technology strategies in 2021 to reflect the impact of the ongoing global pandemic?
In speaking with our end clients, we are learning that while in the short-term the ongoing global pandemic caused many enterprises to tighten their budgetary belts and put new IT deployment on hold, today funding for digital initiatives has now eclipsed planned investment in almost all other organizational initiatives. For StorCentric and our partners, it means that where we may have also been cautious over the previous year from a technology development investment standpoint, it is critical that we now not just loosen but open-wide our purse strings and invest accordingly. This will be seen in a number of ways, among them a marked increase in the development and expansion of our most important asset — our people.
What are the biggest technology investments you are making in 2021?
In addition to the above mentioned investment in our technology innovation and workforce, we know that remote work in either a total or hybrid fashion is likely to continue into 2021 and beyond. This is due to the fact that many of the initial bumps have been smoothed over, and remote work has been proven capable of delivering equal if not more positive business outcomes, as well as undeniable employee benefits. Consequently, we will continue to invest in and grow our capabilities around reaching, interacting and serving our channel partners and end customers via digital channels.
What do you see as the biggest challenges facing customers in 2021?
In 2021, we see the following as some of the biggest challenges facing customers: Data Mobility – Data migration, data replication and data synchronization can be complicated endeavors that result in creating obstacles, instead of delivering the strategic business value, IT benefits and budgetary advantages for which they were intended. Customers will require solutions that allow for seamless movement of data in heterogenous and/or hybrid onsite, remote and cloud infrastructures. This capability will also eliminate the risk of vendor lock-in and will enable enhanced content sharing opportunities. Backup and Data Protection – In 2020, ransomware became increasingly sophisticated and aggressive, seeking not only to attack onsite production data, but every possible copy. Customers will require immutable unbreakable backup solutions that are purpose-built to deliver unrivaled data vault protection with immutable storage. This will make recovery of unaltered files fast and easy so there’s no disruption and no need to pay ransom. Business Application Performance – 9 out of 10 organizations lose money on poor performing business applications like VMware, Oracle, SQL and SAP. Businesses will require solutions that can deliver consistent low latency data access and throughput so that they can deploy critical applications with the data protection, efficiency, and easy-to-manage storage performance necessary to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business demands.
What is key to success for your channel partners in 2021?
Key to the success of our channel partners in 2021 is in their ability to stay close to their customers, to listen, to be flexible and to be ready to respond with tailored guidance and innovative solutions to meet unique requirements and goals.