Heroes of the Tech Industry – SysAdmins

Jul 31, 2020 | Nexsan, Retrospect, StorCentric

What better way to acknowledge the hardest working members of any IT staff than to give proper recognition for this year’s SysAdmin Day on July 31st. SysAdmins are the backbone of IT solution providers and help keep modern society running. Therefore, a day like this is imperative in showing appreciation to the heroes of the tech industry.

Five industry experts have expressed their gratitude to SysAdmins below:


JG Heithcock, GM, Retrospect, a StorCentric company

“Here at Retrospect, we’ve been working remotely long before the pandemic, so we understand the importance of having dependable and resourceful team members available when we need them most. You can only have a successful remote team deployment with constant communication, which requires reliable, responsive and resourceful team members – three key attributes of SysAdmins.

SysAdmins help to protect and recover data when disaster strikes in the form of ransomware, hardware failure, or other incidents. As we continue to work remotely and consider hybrid working environments in the future, it’s important for organizations to optimize their businesses and provide SysAdmins with the resources needed to seamlessly transition to this new normal by implementing the latest AI technologies to backup engines where possible and consolidate backup management to a single pane of glass. By securing and maintaining backups, SysAdmins will have the tools necessary to streamline workflows with efficient and reliable data backup solutions to keep businesses running and protected across changing working environments.”

Mihir Shah, CEO, Nexsan, a StorCentric company

“At a time when we are leaning on technology more than ever, SysAdmins are continuing to display their fortitude and resilience. With the initial panic of deploying remote workforces at the start of the pandemic, SysAdmins faced new challenges while continuing to maintain productivity and ensure security. As ransomware becomes increasingly sophisticated during the pandemic, the best way to thank our SysAdmins for their dedication is by enhancing their capabilities with investments in the latest security, data protection and business continuity technologies.

This year, celebrate SysAdmin Day by evaluating proactive measures your organization can implement to help empower your SysAdmins with the technology necessary to protect the business and save money during these uncertain times.”