Highly reliable, cost-effective storage.

For over 20 years Nexsan has built a reputation for highly reliable, cost-effective storage designed to serve specific use cases and business demands. Nexsan products are “purpose-built” rather than built for general purpose. That means product design starts by understanding the diverse workloads in customers’ environments. IT professionals can depend on Nexsan for cost-effective block storage for backup, databases or Exchange, scalable and highly flexible NAS file systems or secure archiving. Purpose-built storage with innovation that matters, reliability, and pricing to fit constrained budgets. Nexsan has a solution for you.

Unity ™

High Performance Block and File Storage

Unity™ Unified Storage supports advanced block and file workloads and then adds the performance of all-flash configurations to meet the growing needs for mixed application workloads and virtualized environments.  Unity™ includes the secure archive client to optimize primary storage and utilize the Unity™ Assureon Archive for tamper-proof ransomware protections that meets regulatory compliance guidelines.


High Density Block Storage

Nexsan E-Series P SAN storage solutions are ultra-dense and super-efficient, enabling you to shrink your storage footprint, save on power, and spend less time managing the system and more on improving your business. 


High Density Block Storage

BEAST is built to withstand some pretty tough storage environments outside the data center like ships, subway stations, and storage closets that are less than ideal environments. We make it easy to use the BEAST—our customers say, “you just set it and forget it.” BEAST is built specifically for applications with enormous data growth like backup, archive, digital video surveillance, and more.


Compliant Active Archive

Nexsan Assureon® is the most secure archive storage solution on the planet. It protects high-value data and meets any file integrity, security, privacy, and compliance requirement while reducing overall storage costs.

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